Buying or selling a house?

Do you have a dream that you want to let come true about buying a (second) home in France? Then consider that realising a dream is a long and careful process. In France things go just a little bit different than in your own country. We have been there and can advice you on all subjects. Did you realize your dream a long time ago but do you now want to sell your house? Then also you have to deal with the French law. And then also : find proper advice, there is more to it then you think. Because of our collaboration with a French real-estate agent, you will be sure that everything is handled properly according to the French law.

You bought a house, now what ?

When you have realized your dream of course you don’t want it to end in a nightmare. Buying the house is one thing, but you’re not done yet. A house in France has as many obligations with it as a house in your own country. In France too you have to pay taxes and the electricity and the water have to be paid. Office channels are slow, sometimes it is a quest to find the right answer at the proper institution. Do you want to rent out your house ? Take care to know which rules apply to your situation and which organisations you have to deal with. Having years of experience as house owners and renting out houses, we know as much as anybody else what will await you when you finally have signed your contract of purchase.


We are pleased to help you

Selling, buying, or renting (out) a house in France, what are all the do’s and don’ts ? If these are questions that trouble you, we can help you with the answers.

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